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2150 Farm to Market 51
Decatur, TX 76234

Office Hours

Mon-Wed,Fri: 6:00am - 4:30pm<br>Thu, Sat: 7:00am - 4:30pm<br>Sun: Closed
Open until 4:30pm

About Medical City Decatur Dialysis Clinic

Wise Health System Dialysis Clinic is now Medical City Decatur Dialysis Clinic. Our kidney experts offer you the latest advancements in dialysis care in a setting that is comfortable and safe. Led by a full-time nephrologist, dialysis therapy is personalized to your condition and draws on the resources of our hospital family.

On-site dialysis services

At our Decatur clinic, a service of Medical City Decatur Hospital, we offer a range of services that make your dialysis treatment worry-free in a comfortable environment. Our dietary services and social services teams also assist you with managing your condition through nutrition and planning. We also offer an option to have dialysis in your home.

Our hemodialysis technology

Hemodialysis is the process of removing waste products and excess fluids from your body and is vital for your continued health as you manage chronic kidney disease. Our advanced hemodialysis technology provides ultra-pure dialysis, reducing the risk of infection or complications.

Full-time nephrologist

A full-time nephrologist oversees our dialysis patients in the hospital and clinic, ensuring continuity of care. Our nephrologist makes clinic rounds once a week, whereas many nephrologists make rounds only twice a month.

Low staff-to-patient ratio

Our staffing ratio is also better than the industry standard, which allows you to receive personalized care from our specially-trained nursing staff.

Comfortable environment

Your comfort is a top priority at our dialysis clinics. Our patients are part of our extended family, and we want to ensure they feel comfortable and at home during their stay. We understand the difficulties, discomfort and time associated with dialysis treatment. So, we aim to make your treatment sessions as convenient and worry-free as possible. Our dialysis stations include the following amenities:

  • Flat-screen TVs with cable or satellite television and headphones
  • Wireless internet
  • Warming blankets and pillows

In-home dialysis service

If you qualify, our peritoneal dialysis service may help you complete dialysis in your home. The process uses your body’s membranes to filter your blood and remove excess fluids.

First, you will undergo a procedure to place a catheter through your abdominal wall. After the catheter site has healed, you'll be able to fill the abdominal cavity with a dialysis solution. This allows your body’s membranes to filter waste and fluids from your blood into the solution. The solution is then drained from the body. This process needs to be completed every day. As a result, you can undergo treatment overnight while they sleep. Your other options include conducting treatments in four 30-minute sessions throughout the day.

As a peritoneal dialysis patient, you'll need to visit our clinic for follow-ups twice a month.


There are several advantages to peritoneal dialysis compared to the more traditional, outpatient hemodialysis treatment. This type of treatment can:

  • Allow you a more flexible and independent lifestyle
  • Offer portable therapy, making it easier to travel
  • Provide continuous therapy, which is more like your natural kidneys
  • Reduce your trips to the clinic or doctor


It is important to us that you understand your treatment and can make informed decisions about your health. Peritoneal dialysis may also:

  • Entail scheduling therapy into your routine seven days a week
  • Involve therapy using a permanent catheter (typically in the abdomen)
  • Require you to be committed to self-care