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Become a part of our dedicated team of volunteers at Medical City Fort Worth and contribute to our mission of providing care to our community.

Volunteer services

Be part of the Medical City Fort Worth family. We all like to picture ourselves as making a contribution. Even something that may seem insignificant can make a big impact. For a hospital patient, a smile and a few words of encouragement can make a difference. Medical City Fort Worth volunteers help make that difference. By offering their time, our volunteers provide support, encouragement and a fresh perspective to patients and the hospital. In return, volunteers become one of our family, and they join the team of doctors, nurses, staff and others who make our patients feel at home. We invite you to join our team of energetic, dedicated and compassionate volunteers.

  • Enrich your life by helping others!
  • Learn new skills!
  • Meet interesting people and make new friends!
  • Experience the world of health care!
  • Discover personal fulfillment!

Medical City Fort Worth volunteer service areas include:

  • Information Desk
  • Flower and Mail Couriers
  • Surgery Waiting Room
  • Clerical Support

Medical City Fort Worth volunteers are capable, compassionate people 18 years of age and older. They come from many different backgrounds but have several things in common - interest and enthusiasm, dedication and dependability with a willingness to help others. Volunteers do many things. They offer a friendly hello or take time to sit and talk. Some help deliver fresh flowers or newspapers to patients. But mostly, they add a special personal touch at a time when it is needed most.

A Medical City Fort Worth volunteer makes a commitment of three to four hours a week. Through volunteering, people can learn new skills, develop new interests, make new friends and understand more about how a hospital works. If you've been looking for a place to volunteer where you can make a difference, look no further than Medical City Fort Worth of Fort Worth.

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Volunteers - Empathy in action at Medical City Healthcare