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Medication safety

At Medical City Lewisville, our team wants to help you use medications as a safe and effective part of your treatment plan.

Do you take prescription medication, over the counter medications or herbal supplements?

If you answered yes, do you have with you at all times a complete list of everything you take including dosage, how often you take the medication and what the medication was prescribed for?

If you don't have that list and share it every time you receive health care services, you are significantly increasing your chances of a medication error. The list can be a handwritten list, a computer generated list or maintained on a list such as a Universal Medication Form.

Your healthcare team at Medical City Lewisville is here to help you get better. Here are some ways you can help.

Be sure to let us know about:

  • Prescription medications you have been taking
  • Over-the-counter medications that you are using, or commonly use for pain, headaches, cough and cold and other ailments.
  • Use of natural remedies or alternative medications, that you are using
  • se of recreational drugs, if any
  • Any concerns or questions you have about your medications
  • As much information as you may have or can remember about allergies or reactions to medications you may have had in the past
  • Your diet, including foods and beverages you commonly eat or drink
  • Before receiving medication, a treatment or any service, be sure the armband has your name and other information can be checked.

Some questions you should ask before receiving medications:

  • What is the name of this medication? Is this the brand name or the generic name?
  • What is it for?
  • How much should I get, and how often?
  • What possible side effects are there?
  • Do you have anything I can read about this medication?
  • If this medication is unfamiliar or new to you, also ask:
  • Will this be replacing anything I was taking before I came in?
  • What possible side effects are there?
  • Has this medication been on the market for more than a year?

If you notice anything different that catches your attention, ask!

  • Example 1: You receive four tablets in the morning instead of two (you might be receiving a new medication that you might want to learn about)
  • Example 2: The medication you have been taking for blood pressure was always a blue tablet, but today you have a white one (could be a generic version of the same medication)

We encourage you to be an informed and active part of your healthcare team by asking any questions you may have about your medications and other treatments.

Vital M.E.D.S.

The Institute of Medicine's Committee on Identifying and Preventing Medication errors estimates that poor communication is responsible for half the of the 1.5 million medication errors that result in injuries annually.

If you are a senior, live alone or have a chronic medical condition, our FREE Vital M.E.D.S. (Medical Emergency Document Saver) program may help save your life! In case of an emergency, ambulance personnel responding to your home will have your medical information and will be able to administer appropriate assistance.

The Vital M.E.D.S. blue pill bottle contains a:

  • Health History Form and instruction sheet
  • Door / Window Decal
  • Refrigerator Magnet

You will need to:

  1. Complete the Health History Form. Include existing medical conditions, allergies and medications you are currently taking. In addition, you may ask your pharmacist for a detailed medication summary to include. Place the completed form along with a copy of your drivers license (ID) and insurance card back into the blue pill bottle. You can also include a living will, DNR, etc. Replace the cap on the bottle.
  2. Write your full name on the outside bottle label in the white space provided and place on a shelf in your refrigerator door where emergency personnel can easily locate.
  3. Place the magnet on the outside of the refrigerator.
  4. Stick the decal on your front door or front window in plain view, visible to emergency personnel.
  5. Update your Health History Form every six months or as needed. Download or print additional blank Health History Forms.

There is no charge for this program. It may save your life in case of an emergency!

The Vital M.E.D.S. blue pill bottles are available at Medical City Lewisville's front entrance welcome desk at 500 West Main Street, Lewisville, TX 75057.