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Enhanced surgical recovery

At our hospital in McKinney, TX, we use enhanced surgical recovery, a multidisciplinary approach that helps to improve outcomes before, during and after surgery.

What is included

  • Optimizing nutrition with a carbohydrate drink taken 2 hours prior to surgery
  • Hemodynamic monitoring during surgery and giving intravenous fluids based on the data
  • Multimodal pain control regimen, minimizing opioid use
  • Early transition to oral medications and early allowance of food
  • Early mobilization

Why use Enhanced Surgical Recovery

  • Arrival 2 to 3 hours prior to planned surgery to receive the carbohydrate drink
  • Use of a combination of pain medications post surgery
  • Early transition to oral medications and oral nutrition

For more information, call (972) 547-8000.

What should patients expect

  • Decreased perioperative complications
  • Decreased hospital length of stay
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Improved use of hospital resources
  • Decreased use of opioids