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About us

The skilled providers of Medical City Spine Hospital are dedicated to providing advanced, specialized medical care and a healing environment at our hospital in Dallas.

Fast facts (2021)*

*Combined numbers with Medical City Heart Hospital

  • 144


  • 331


  • 3,141

    annual admissions

  • 13,314

    outpatients visits

  • 2,078

    ER visits

Our specialists have successfully performed more than 4,500 surgeries for scoliosis and the most complex spinal cases, revisions and spondylolisthesis. With 4 operating rooms, 24 family-oriented patient rooms and an ICU, the destination spine hospital offers a broad spectrum of spine services and provides expert treatment for the full range of complex spine conditions.

At Medical City Spine Hospital, a Medical City Dallas facility, every patient is treated like family and healthcare is personalized. This is where excellence is elevated with advanced technology, comfortable amenities and compassionate care. Our concierge experience is truly centered on the needs of our patients and their families, offering a healing environment with advanced, specialized care that you can trust.

Medical City Spine Hospital

Medical City Spine Hospital is a destination hospital for highly specialized spine care. The 24-bed facility provides  comprehensive and coordinated spine care for common spine disorders and rare, hard-to-treat spinal deformities including adult and pediatric scoliosis, spondylolistheses, complex spine surgery and minimally invasive surgical options among others.

Our leadership

Our hospital leadership teams are dedicated to continually improving our services, abilities and safety practices. They ensure our patients and our communities get access to the high-quality are they need and deserve.


We regularly articles when we add new services, departments and advanced technology, so you can see all the benefits our hospital has to offer.