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Neurological care

Neurological care is the practice of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and function of diseases relating to the nerves and nervous system. Neurologists and neurosurgeons treat disorders that affect the brain or spinal cord.

Neurologists in Frisco, Texas

At Medical City Frisco, we provide patients in Collin County with advanced neurological care, from stroke treatment to specialized neurosurgery.

You can trust the expert team of neurologists at our hospital to treat even the most complex neurological conditions.

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Advanced neurology care in Collin County

We treat a wide range of neurological conditions, including:

  • Arachnoid cyst
  • Arteriovenous malformation
  • Brain aneurysm
  • Brain tumor
  • Chiari malformation
  • Concussion
  • Glioma/astrocytoma
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Meningioma
  • Neurofibromatosis, including schwannoma
  • Peripheral neuropathy, including brachial plexopathy
  • Pituitary adenoma
  • Tethered cord syndrome
  • Trigeminal neuralgia

Neurosurgical treatment

The expert neurosurgeons on staff at Medical City Frisco use leading-edge technology to perform advanced brain surgeries, including:

Brain tumor neurosurgery

Neurosurgeons at our facility treat brain tumors and other lesions in the skull base that were once thought to be inoperable. We help patients with malignant, metastatic and benign tumors of the brain and pituitary gland.

Cerebrovascular neurosurgery

The neurosurgeons at our facility treat disorders of the blood vessels in the head and neck, including aneurysms, vascular tumors, malformations, occlusions and ischemia. Surgeries performed at our hospital include aneurysm clipping, a procedure in which a clip is placed on the outside of the aneurysm to physically disconnect it from the artery.

Endovascular neurosurgery

This microsurgery, performed with miniaturized instruments and a microscope, is used for stroke, aneurysms, tumors and arteriovenous malformations and fistulas that are not treatable with conventional surgery. Procedures we offer include:

  • Aneurysm coiling — in which thin metal spring-like coils are placed inside the aneurysm to prevent it from rupturing
  • Clot retrieval — in which a high-tech device physically extracts the blood clot

Stereotactic neurosurgery

This minimally invasive microsurgery is primarily used for brain biopsies and tumor removals. Physicians use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) scans to identify the tumor's precise location and remove the tissue through a nickel-sized hole. By avoiding an invasive craniotomy, doctors remove only the tissue they need and minimize the chances of subsequent neurological issues.

Stroke care

The emergency room (ER) at Medical City Frisco provides lifesaving stroke care for individuals in Frisco, Texas. As a Primary Stroke Center certified by The Joint Commission, American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, we provide advanced diagnostic procedures and personalized stroke treatment plans.

Our Neurological care Locations

Currently Viewing:

Medical City Frisco Hospital
5500 Frisco Square Blvd
Frisco, TX 75034
 (214) 618 - 0500

Currently Viewing:

Medical City Frisco Hospital
5500 Frisco Square Blvd
Frisco, TX 75034
 (214) 618 - 0500
Medical City Plano Hospital
3901 W 15th St
Plano, TX 75075
 (972) 596 - 6800

9.9 miles

Medical City McKinney Hospital
4500 Medical Center Dr
McKinney, TX 75069
 (972) 547 - 8000

11.6 miles