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kids teaching kids®

In the Kids Teaching Kids program at Medical City Children's Hospital, teenagers create a cookbook to show younger kids that healthy snacks can taste delicious.

kids teaching kids® - Medical City Dallas

With childhood obesity more than tripling in the last 30 years, Medical City Children's Hospital wanted a way to educate students about healthy eating habits. The kids teaching kids® program challenges high schoolers to create a recipe book full of healthy, flavorful snacks for elementary kids. The idea being, if we can get kids to change their ways of eating, chefs will follow suit in their ways of preparing. Because let's face it, healthy food isn't just good for you, it tastes good, too.

A partnership that gets the whole thing cooking

Medical City Children's Hospital and the United Way Metropolitan Dallas have partnered with high school Career and Technical Education programs to bring kids teaching kids® to school districts in North Texas.

Culinary students work one-on-one with a Medical City Children's Hospital registered dietitian to create fun, nutritional snacks. These recipes are then combined with pictures taken by the school's photographer and designed into a book with the help of graphic design students. The books, complete with nutritional facts and simple pantry ingredients, are then published and handed out to every elementary student in each school district.

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