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Admissions procedures

Learn what you need to bring with you and what you can expect when you enter Medical City Dallas to complete the hospital admissions process.

The central admitting area is located in the lobby of Building A. This is where you will complete the registration process and receive important information about your stay at Medical City.

What to Bring

Items you will need at registration:

  • Social Security number
  • All active insurance cards
  • Picture ID
  • Any paperwork given to you by your physician
  • A complete list of current medications with dosages and frequency
  • Living Will, if applicable
  • Advance Directives, if applicable
  • Powers of Attorney, if applicable
  • All information obtained during your hospitalization will be held in strict confidence. For added personal comfort, you may also bring your own pajamas or nightgown, bathrobe, slippers, toothbrush, non-electrical shaving equipment, etc.

Treatment Permits

We will ask you to sign appropriate consent and release forms that authorize hospital personnel to provide the services your physician has ordered for you.

Identification Bands

You will be required to wear an identification band during your stay. This helps ensure that you will receive the proper treatments and medications. Please do not remove the band for any reason.

Medication List

Please bring a complete list of all currents medications you are taking.

What to Leave at Home

Please do not bring medications from home to the hospital unless your physician instructs you to do so. If your physician asks you to bring your own medications, all medications will be stored and administered by the nursing staff.