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Diagnostics and laboratory

Diagnostic and laboratory testing helps us identify health issues and further understand your condition. We may collect information from minor procedures, such as biopsies, or by performing blood tests and taking urine samples.

Diagnostic laboratory services in Dallas, Texas

Medical City Dallas provides inpatient and outpatient diagnostic and laboratory services for patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

In addition to collecting test samples—such as drawing blood— we also offer complex procedures for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring a wide range of symptoms, injuries and illnesses.

Diagnostic labs close to home

Specialists and staff at Medical City Dallas use a variety of diagnostic and laboratory services to create the most accurate treatment plan for our patients. Laboratory services and procedures are performed by trained technicians and analyzed by experienced pathologists. The results from these tests are shared with your referring physician for seamless care.

Diagnostic labs we offer

We offer general clinical testing for:

  • Special chemistry
  • Hematology
  • Urinalysis

Some of the tests and services we offer are:

  • Whole body bone scan—an exam used to evaluate the distribution of active bone formation to monitor bone growth for a variety of conditions
  • Interventional radiology—imaging-guided procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes
  • Mediport injections—performed for patients who are experiencing difficulties with a mediport
  • Cooled radiofrequency (RF) ablation—cooled water to treat painful bone metastases by precisely targeting and controlling heat to intentionally debulk and kill cancerous cells within bone
  • Central venous access procedures—procedures used to provide fast access to veins for the administration of medication and/or nutritional supplements
  • Peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line—placement is guided under fluoroscopic imaging through the veins to the superior vena cava (the largest vein near the heart)
  • Ports—used when a therapy, such as chemotherapy, requires intermittent/interval high dose administration of drugs to the central veins (near the heart)
  • Tunnel catheter—this type of catheter is inserted into tunnel created in a vein that connects to the heart and allows long-term access to the vein

How to schedule diagnostic testing

For more information on scheduling an outpatient laboratory service, please call Medical City Dallas' main line (972) 566-7000. Primary care physicians or specialists typically order lab testing and may provide patients with paperwork to bring to their appointment.

As well as providing service for hospital inpatients, specimens can be collected and/or dropped off at several locations and courier service is available to many physician offices.

Our Diagnostics and laboratory Locations

Currently Viewing:

Medical City Dallas Hospital
7777 Forest Ln
Dallas, TX 75230
 (972) 566 - 7000

Currently Viewing:

Medical City Dallas Hospital
7777 Forest Ln
Dallas, TX 75230
 (972) 566 - 7000
Medical City Children's Hospital
7777 Forest Ln
Dallas, TX 75230
 (972) 566 - 7000

0.1 miles

Medical City Plano Hospital
3901 W 15th St
Plano, TX 75075
 (972) 596 - 6800

7.5 miles