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Medical City Healthcare

Patient transfer center

Medical City Healthcare facilities in North Texas offer 24/7 transfer services, simplifying the process of getting you quickly transferred to the right hospital specialists.

24-hour patient transport services

We offer both adult and pediatric patient transfer services within our hospital network, guaranteeing smooth and secure transitions to the right medical facility.

Patient transfer center specialty teams

We assist in transporting patients by ground, helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft. Each transport includes two registered flight nurses with specialty training who offer a high level of care in a dynamic setting.

Our center provides 24-hour access to the transport teams for injured and critically ill patients. This unique service simplifies patient transfers to the right hospital and the right specialists at the right time. We are staffed by registered nurses and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or paramedics who assist in arranging the transport logistics.

Three medical directors regularly review the transport teams and patient transfer center operations. These professionals provide feedback to allow us to improve the quality of care and service we provide continuously.

Our hospitals offer the following patient transfer services:

  • Brain and spine
  • Burn care
  • Heart and vascular
  • High-risk obstetrics
  • Maternal
  • Neonatal and pediatric critical care
  • Orthopedics
  • Stroke
  • Trauma
  • Wound care

Hospital transfer instruction

Please provide the following information to facilitate transport:

  • Patient
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Height/weight/girth
    • Diagnosis
  • Requested facility, if known/applicable
  • Equipment or isolation
  • Method of transport (ambulance, wheelchair, etc.)

Off-campus emergency departments and urgent care centers

Our healthcare system also has multiple freestanding emergency rooms (ERs) and urgent care centers: