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Is it a Cold, the Flu, or a Stomach Virus?

At Medical City Healthcare, we want you to stay healthy year-round. Read about the common cold, seasonal flu and stomach virus, as well as helpful treatments and prevention tips.

Comparison between causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention for a cold, the flu, and a stomach virus.

Common Cold Seasonal Flu Stomach Virus
Cause Different viruses Influenza A or B virus Virus or bacteria
Sore throat Common Sometimes No
Stuffy/runny nose Common Sometimes No
Cough Sometimes Usually No
Chills/pains/aches Uncommon Yes Common
Headache Uncommon Yes Sometimes
Fever Rare Yes (100-102 degrees fahrenheit) Sometimes
Extreme fatigue Uncommon Yes Sometimes
Vomitting/diarrhea No Uncommon (more likely in kids) Usually
Treatment Rest, hydrate, and consider using over the counter (OTC) drugs to ease symptoms. Rest, hydrate and consider using OTC drugs to ease symptoms. Rest and hydrate.
Prevention Wash hands. Avoid contact with sick people. Get yearly flu shot. Wash hands. Avoid contact with sick people. Wash hands. Wsah fruits/veggies. Cook seafood fully.