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Kidney transplant

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure performed to restore proper kidney function when your kidney is no longer able to function on its own. A donor kidney will be used to replace the failing kidney with a healthy one.

Kidney transplant program in Dallas, Texas

The kidney transplant program at Medical City Dallas offers patients access to a dedicated team of experienced transplant surgeons who focus exclusively on kidney and kidney-pancreas transplants.

Specifically, these surgeons perform living and deceased transplant surgeries, including adult and kidney pancreas transplant, adult pancreas transplant and adult pancreas after kidney transplant.

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Kidney transplant program in Dallas Texas

At Medical City Dallas, our kidney transplant program offers:

  • A coordinator-to-patient ratio to that ensures you receive the individual attention you need and deserve.
  • The ability to work closely with your referring physician so they have an integral role in the transplant process.
  • A dedicated living donor team to help you and your potential donor get transplanted quickly.
  • A convenient location which avoids downtown construction and traffic.

Medical City Healthcare’s kidney transplant programs are rated at the top in North Texas when it comes to getting a transplant faster, according to the latest data provided by the Scientific Registry for Transplant Recipients (SRTR).

Our team of surgeons includes:

Kidney transplant team

Having transplant surgery can be an overwhelming process. That's why the team here is made up of transplant experts who can help you throughout the process, including:

  • Transplant surgeons
  • Transplant nephrologists
  • Transplant administrators
  • Transplant coordinators
  • Transplant financial coordinators
  • Transplant dietitians
  • Transplant pharmacists
  • Transplant social workers
  • Independent living donor advocates

Pediatric kidney transplant

At Medical City Children's Hospital, located on the same campus, we have a certified pediatric kidney transplant program. The specialists are well-trained in diagnosing and managing advanced kidney disease in our youngest patients.

We work closely with patients' referring physicians to ensure continuity of care and a successful post-transplant recovery.

Kidney transplant application

Candidates who may need a kidney transplant will first complete a Medical City Dallas transplant application. The transplant application can be faxed to us at (469) 484-2235.

Most patients with kidney disease are referred to our program by a nephrologist or dialysis center. Many others choose to initiate the transplant process by downloading the transplant application or calling (972) 566-7199 or (800) 348-4318.

Adult application for kidney transplant

Authorization to Release Protected Health Information (PHI)

Aplicacion para adultos

Autorización para divulgar información médica protegida (PHI)

Pediatric application for kidney transplant

After this initial step, insurance will be verified and then our transplant team will contact the candidate to begin the clinical work-up process.

Become a living donor

Living donor application

Living donor options include:

  • Living donor kidney transplant — A transplant in which one person donates a kidney to another person whose kidneys no longer function properly.
  • ABO incompatible kidney transplant — A transplant in which the donor has a blood type that is not compatible with the recipient's blood type. For example, if a recipient with blood type O received a kidney from a donor with blood type A, B or AB. You receive medical treatment before and after your kidney transplant to lower antibody levels in your blood and reduce the risk of antibodies rejecting the donor kidney.
  • Paired exchange kidney donation — This type of transplant involves four people: two donors and two recipients. When the donors are not compatible with the recipients they would like to donate to, but are compatible with the other's recipient, a swap is arranged. In the swap, the donor of one pair donates to the recipient of the other pair from a compatible donor.

Medical City Dallas participates in the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) national exchange program.

These programs allow kidney disease patients with incompatible donors to increase their chances of finding a compatible donor.

Become a living donor 

Where to find us

The Transplant Institute is located in Building C on the seventh floor of Medical City Dallas. We are in Building C, Suite 240.

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Currently Viewing:

Medical City Dallas Hospital
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 (972) 566 - 7000
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