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Pediatric oncology

Pediatric oncology focuses on the treatment of cancers that occur in children, from infants to teens. Cancer often manifests differently in children as they grow and develop. Pediatric oncology offers specialized cancer care to focus on the unique needs of childhood cancers.

Pediatric cancer care in North Texas

Pediatric patients have access to Sarah Cannon's exceptional network at Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas.

Our facility features a specially trained staff of oncologists, hematologists and nurses and is uniquely equipped to care for children in Dallas.

Have cancer questions?

We can help. askSARAH is a dedicated helpline for your cancer-related questions. Our specially trained nurses are available 24/7, and all calls are confidential.

We can help. askSARAH is a dedicated helpline for your cancer-related questions. Our specially trained nurses are available 24/7, and all calls are confidential.

Our pediatric cancer specialists

Every pediatric patient sees board-certified pediatric subspecialists who strongly believe in open lines of communication with parents and their children. Because we understand that caring for children is different than caring for adults, we provide an environment that offers children and their families an opportunity to heal physically and emotionally.

We're committed to excellence in both practice and patient outcomes. We’re also dedicated to going the extra mile to make sure children receive the best treatment possible.

When necessary, physicians at our facility see patients on the same day a referral is made. Our families also have access to child life therapists and family therapists.

Specialized pediatric oncology nursing care

Pediatric hematology and oncology nurses at our facility are among our most important team members. All are specially trained in pediatrics and have completed training through the Association of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Nurses (APHON). Many of the nurses at our facility have also achieved national certification in pediatric oncology through the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC).

We find that our patients are more comfortable when their nurses and doctors know them by name, so we maintain nurse-to-patient ratios that allow us to provide individualized care. As a testament to our compassionate nursing care, many kids and families keep in touch with us long after treatment.

Care from a multidisciplinary team

Our multidisciplinary team is staffed by pediatric specialists and nurses trained in the management and recognition of problems unique to children with cancer. We also strive to share and discover knowledge. As a member of the Children’s Oncology Group—a national organization leading the effort to prevent and cure childhood cancer—oncologists at our hospital have access and contribute to innovative therapy and treatment protocols.

Pediatric cancer treatment options

Together with Sarah Cannon, Medical City Healthcare offers children and their families access to cancer care for any type of pediatric cancer. We're also specially equipped to treat blood disorders, such as leukemia and lymphoma.

We offer a range of options, including surgery and nonsurgical options like radiation therapy and stem cell therapy, to treat pediatric cancer. Treatment is tailored to each patient, with care plans based on the child's health needs and wellness goals.

Pediatric bone marrow transplant

Medical City Children's Hospital is a leader in stem cell transplantation and research. Specialists at our hospital have vast experience performing pediatric blood and marrow transplants, which are also called stem cell transplants or bone marrow transplants. Procedures we offer include:

  • Autologous transplants (using the patient's own stem cells)
  • Allogeneic (stem cells from the donor)
  • Transplants using cells from umbilical cord blood

Our stem cell program is the only program in North Texas to be accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) in both pediatric and adult stem cell transplants. In addition, our transplantation program is accredited by the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP).

Cancer support

We know a cancer diagnosis affects more than your physical health. That's why cancer support groups are a major part of cancer care at Medical City Healthcare. If you've just learned about a cancer diagnosis, are supporting a loved one through treatment or are transitioning into survivorship, we can connect you with a local community for ongoing care.

Videos about our Pediatric oncology services

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