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Labor and delivery

Just as every baby is unique, so is every delivery. As your trusted care partner, we work to provide a personalized birthing experience that begins long before your first contraction and continues well after delivery.

Labor and delivery hospitals in North Texas

You finally get to meet your child. It's exciting. It's breathtaking. But it's also a little stressful.

How will you find the right place to welcome your baby into the world? Will they offer clinical excellence for you and your baby? Will they let you personalize the experience so it's unique and unforgettable? Welcome to the hospitals of Medical City Healthcare.

We're one of the region's largest healthcare providers, with nine hospitals offering high-quality, personalized labor, delivery and obstetrics services across Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas. Mothers and babies also have access to our renowned full-service children’s hospital, Medical City Children's Hospital. It's our honor to help you design a birthing experience just right for you and your baby. 

Childbirth and parenting classes

Search for childbirth and parenting classes and tours across Medical City Healthcare facilities. Topics include breastfeeding, infant CPR, prepared childbirth and newborn baby care.

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Mommy & Me educational resource

Access an online version of the Mommy & Me resource book, featuring helpful information about the birth and care of your baby.

Access an online version of the Mommy & Me resource book, featuring helpful information about the birth and care of your baby.

Design the childbirth experience thats right for you and your baby

If you’re pregnant and trying to decide the best place to have your baby in North Texas, Medical City Healthcare offers you the choices and amenities you expect. From luxury maternity suites to personalized delivery methods, pregnancy and childbirth classes and so much more, we’ve combined clinical excellence with thoughtful amenities, making it possible for you to choose from a long list of options to help you customize your childbirth experience.

At all of our hospitals, you'll discover two skilled medical teams attending to each birth: one for mom and one for baby. We take the needs of baby and the expectations of mom seriously.

Whichever of our hospitals you choose, you’ll also find:

  • Spacious private labor and delivery rooms
  • A variety of delivery methods
  • Expert childbirth classes, including hospital/labor and delivery tours
  • A celebratory gourmet meal
  • Commitment to following decisions made during your prenatal care, including your birth plan whenever possible
  • Around-the-clock postpartum care done your way
  • Access to the facilities and specialists at Medical City Children's Hospital, as well as neonatal intensive care including a Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Medical City Dallas
  • Experienced doctors, nurses and staff ready to help you create the memory of a lifetime

COVID-19 And Pregnancy

Personalized amenities for a customized childbirth experience

You want everything about your delivery to be just right: the right experience, the right team and the right room. That's why we offer personalized birthing experiences.

Services and amenities vary by location and include:

VIP luxury childbirth and postpartum suites

It all starts with your choice of birthing rooms, including luxury suites* where you can welcome your new little VIP in style. Luxury childbirth suites include amenities such as a spa tub and shower and a full kitchenette with granite countertops. These spacious, comfortable rooms are filled with additional thoughtful touches that will make your birthing experience unforgettable. A gourmet celebratory meal is available at every location and some have dine-on-demand options.

*Suites not available at all locations and are at an additional cost not covered by insurance. Cost based on suite selection. Reservations are first come, first served at labor and delivery check-in.

Childbirth delivery methods

Childbirth is a unique and personal experience; no two deliveries are ever the same. You can customize your birth plan by choosing a delivery method that matches your personal style and your baby’s needs. Options include doulas, the Bradley Method®, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) and more.

Labor and delivery options

Truly personalizing your childbirth experience means designing the atmosphere you’ve dreamed about to welcome your baby into the world. Create the right ambiance with your choice of music, lighting, aromatherapy and more. Decide if you want instant skin-to-skin contact, your partner to receive the baby, professional photography, or other options to make this your dream delivery.

Pain relief options

More than 50 percent of pregnant women choose epidural pain relief, and we offer epidurals as well as intravenous (IV) pain control. You may also want to explore more natural pain relief options, especially in the beginning stages of labor. Some of the more natural options we offer include:

  • Aromatherapy/essential oils
  • Birth balls/peanut balls
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Labor tubs
  • Meditation
  • Nitrous oxide

Family-centric and baby options

Our spacious private rooms and luxury VIP suites make it easy to accommodate plenty of family and friends. Baby has lots of choices, too! Here are a few options designed for the comfort and safety of you and your baby.

  • Partner can sleep in room
  • Flexible visiting hours
  • Quiet time for bonding with baby
  • Enhanced infant security
  • Baby can room-in or go to the nursery

Maternity and childbirth classes

We offer a wide range of classes and support groups for pregnant moms, dads, same-sex partners, siblings and grandparents. Our classes and programs are designed to help prepare you both before and after your baby is born and include:

  • Prepared childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Prenatal and mommy/baby yoga
  • Baby care
  • Infant CPR

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Highest levels of neonatal care

Delivering your baby at a Medical City hospital can give you much-needed peace of mind concerning the health and safety of your infant. Advanced care is available for high-risk pregnancies, deliveries and babies born prematurely or with serious medical conditions. Our hospitals provide advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical care for infants requiring the care of a Level III or Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)—the highest levels of neonatal care available.

Maternity care quality recognition

Medical City Healthcare hospitals seek to provide the highest level of patient-centered care from doctors and nurses who are truly committed to you and your baby’s health. We are proud to have achieved the following quality designations.

Blue Distinction® Specialty Care

Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Blue Distinction® Centers+ Maternity Care designation is awarded to hospitals that provide quality specialty care safely, effectively and more affordably for patients.

Texas Ten Step

The Texas Ten Step Program, developed by the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) in collaboration with the Texas Hospital Association, recognizes hospitals that have implemented the World Health Organization (WHO)/United Nations Children's Fund's (UNICEF's) Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding practices. These practices support and encourage new moms in their breastfeeding goals.

Level IV Maternal Designation

In June 2020, Medical City Dallas Women’s Hospital earned a Level IV Maternal Designation, the highest level of care designated by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

A Level IV maternal designated facility provides comprehensive care for pregnant and postpartum patients with low risk conditions to the most complex medical, surgical and/or obstetrical conditions that present a high risk. The designation ensures access to on-site consultation to a comprehensive range of medical and maternal subspecialists, surgical specialists and behavioral health specialists.

Advanced highlevel maternity care

Sometimes, mom and babies need a higher level of care before, during or after a pregnancy. Advanced maternity services include:

  • High-risk pregnancies — such as pediatric respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dietitians and ophthalmologists
  • Fetal medicine — such as maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) doctors focused on high-risk pregnancies and pregnant women with chronic health problems
  • Neonatology — such as board-certified neonatologists trained to take care of newborns, especially sick and premature babies
  • OB/GYN support — such as board-certified OB/GYN hospitalists serving as in-house, hospital-based doctors who support your physician or care for you when your physician is unavailable
  • Reproductive endocrinology and infertility — such as fertility specialists who assist those who may have difficulty getting pregnant and want help with infertility diagnosis and treatments
  • Psychiatry and psychology — such as counselors for infertility, miscarriage, life-altering diagnoses or hormonally volatile stages of life (such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause)
  • NICU Monitor — so parents can access a live video stream that enables them to see their sick baby in the NICU in real time, 24/7, via a secure web address accessible from laptops, tablets, desktop computers and smartphones
  • TeleNICU— which allows the expert neonatologists at Medical City hospitals to offer TeleNICU consulting services to physicians at smaller hospital nurseries or neonatal intensive care units whose tiniest patients need a higher level of care

Pregnancy and childcare videos

Whether you’re a first time mom or a veteran, when you’re pregnant, you’ve got questions. We’ve got answers! Watch virtual hospital tours, find out how to customize your delivery, and listen to Medical City experts share tips for pregnancy and baby care.

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Medical City Dallas Premier Childbirth Suite Virtual Tour

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